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Build every part of your website visually - not only the content part! Unlock the whole power of WordPress.
Full Website Editing
Design creative custom layouts for single and archive pages, custom post types, mega menus, popups and other templates directly in Elementor or WPBakery. No code required!
Global Management
Control your layouts from one place. Modify once and apply edits globally. Take advantage of smart display logic to use the templates depending on conditions.
Unbound Flexibility
Populate your templates with dynamic content, custom fields and use any content module of TheGem to create comprehensive modern layouts which will stand out.
Global Sections
A simple way to handle modifying the content sections of multiple pages on your website. Global sections help to update the changes instantly, everywhere the section is used.
Single Posts
Unique custom single post layouts made with ease. With TheGem Templates Builder you can build stunning custom templates for your posts and pages, populate it with dynamic content and apply globally. Using your favorite frontend editor - Elementor or WPBakery.
Engage your visitors with beautiful archive pages. Build any thinkable archive page templates and customize easily in Elementor or WPBakery. Populate with dynamic content. Use display conditions for flexible global application. Accelerate your work with pre-built premium archive templates.
Portfolio Pages
Showcase your project in a creative way. Create global templates for portfolio single pages with Elementor or WPBakery. Populate your template with project's dynamic content. Add dynamic custom fields like client, services, technical details. Integrate data from plugins like ACF and Toolset.
Customize every page of your online store with TheGem WooCommerce Builder. Create custom-tailored global WooCommerce templates right away in Elementor or WPBakery and apply it in a smart way via display conditions. Build any thinkable layouts for product archives, product pages, cart & checkout.
Hero Sections
Easily create global hero sections and page title area templates with complex layouts using the page builder of your choice. Add dynamic content and use display conditions for unbound flexibility in deploying theses templates across your website. On top, enjoy amazing pre-built hero section and title area templates delivered with TheGem.
Custom Post Types
Build your own custom layouts for any custom post type you have created. Create templates for custom single posts and custom archive pages. Populate it with dynamic content and custom fields. Fast and easy in page builder, without touching a line of code!
TheGem is multi-purpose wordpress theme for creative agencies, business of any kind, online stores, designers, architects, photographers, freelancers, bloggers etc. TheGem delivers everything to cover your ambitions & creative needs! Grab this theme now and start building the website of your dreams!
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