Elementor Page Builder
The World’s Leading WordPress Page Builder

TheGem comes with Elementor – #1 page builder for WordPress, powering 5M+ websites. With Elementor you can control every pixel of your website and customize everything.
It gives you a 100% visual design experience, combined with fast performance.

Fast, Intuitive, Reliable

Elementor is one of the fastest visual frontend page builders with intuitive and easy editing process. It guarantees a pixel perfect design: your page looks exactly the same both in edit mode and live. With Elementor you will build your pages faster, getting instant pixel perfect results.

Extensive Layout Control

Elementor offers you plenty of settings and options to take full control over your page layout. Sections, columns, margins, paddings, spacings, positions etc. – every inch of your page is under your control and can be easily adjusted.

Margins & Paddings
Gaps & Spacings
Endless Customizations

With Elementor you can customize absolutely everything – without touching a single line of code. And all this in a very intuitive way, all changes are automatically applied on your page while editing it.

Spacings and Sizes
Positions and Alignements
Backgrounds, Borders, Radius
Typography & Colors
CSS Filters, Blending Modes, Shadows
…And Much More!
TheGem Elements

TheGem for Elementor enriches basic set of Elementor widgets with over 30 unique design elements in multiple styles. With additional settings & options for any imaginable customization scenarios. You get everything you need to make a stunning website: from extended portfolio, blog & product grids to amazing call-to-actions, fancy text boxes & attractive quickfinders.

TheGem Presets & Skins

Speed up your working process by using skins and presets. Skins are design presets / predefined layouts and styles of content elements which look great out-of-the-box. Save your time by simply picking the pre-made design and using it on your page. Sure, you can further customize any skin – all settings are adjustable.

TheGem Extensions

TheGem for Elementor extends standard settings and options of basic Elementor plugin with useful features & addons.

Dynamic Tags

Embed titles, excerpts, images, backgrounds and other content fields from your posts & pages dynamically using dynamic tags option. No need for Elementor Pro.

Section Parallax

Add vertical, horizontal, fixed parallax effects to any section and inner section. Control parallax behavior on mobiles.

Elementor Templates for Sidebar

Take advantage of “Elementor Template” sidebar widget to add any templates created with Elementor and TheGem to your page’s sidebar. Design and add any sidebar content in a simplest way in minutes.

Fullpage Vertical Scroller

Create stunning fullpage scrolling presentations in an easiest convenient way using Elementor page builder. Fullpage vertical slider is a creative trendy way to present your company or product to your website visitors.

Custom CSS

With TheGem for Elementor you do not need any custom css as every pixel is controlled via elements settings. But for those, who prefer to use custom css or need to fulfill some very specific tasks, TheGem elements plugin includes Custom CSS field for every section, column and element.

More Extensions

Enriched heading element with multiple preset styles. Mixed headings in extended TinyMCE. Advanced drop caps for styled lists and text accents. Extended divider element. And many more features – TheGem for Elementor is made to make your working process as easy and fast as possible.

Better Control of Responsiveness

With TheGem for Elementor you have a highest level of control over responsiveness of your content.

Mobile Editing

Most of the settings in TheGem elements have a control to switch between different responsive modes: desktop, tablet and mobile. In this way you can control the appearance and style of the selected element across different devices.

Custom Breakpoints

Elementor has only three breakpoints for desktop, tablet and mobile. TheGem for Elementor extends the standard responsive column settings with custom breakpoints to give more flexible control on layout appearance on additional screen resolutions.


Useful Tools

Elementor is packed with useful features you have always missed in other page builders.


Detailed Documentation

TheGem for Elementor includes very detailed documentation describing all aspects of content editing, elements and its settings.


…For creative agencies, business of any kind, online stores, designers, architects, photographers, freelancers, bloggers etc. – TheGem delivers everything to cover your ambitions & creative needs! Grab this theme now and start building the website of your dreams!

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