Since May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforceable. GDPR is a set of consistent rules for data privacy and applies to any website which visitors may be EU residents. This means for WordPress agencies, freelancers and website owners, who have not yet implemented the provisions of GDPR risks huge penalties by the supervisory authorities. But – no panic! Luckily there is TheGem theme to help you make your WordPress site secure and GDPR compliant!
GDPR Ready

TheGem theme doesn’t save, process or transfer any personal data of website visitors.

Consent Management

With TheGem you can manage any consents of using third-party services like google fonts, maps, youtube etc.

Privacy Preferences

TheGem offers you to add privacy preferences overlay for website visitors in just few clicks.

Contact forms

In TheGem you can easily add GDPR checkboxes for contact, WooCommerce, comments and review forms.

Cookie bar

Add a stylish cookies consent bar to your website. You can customize any styles and define the bar position.

Fallback settings

TheGem allows you to define fallback settings for third-party services like youtube, maps, fonts etc. in case it is disabled by user.

What is required?What is required?

Working with a cookie on GDPR

In case your website uses any cookies related to processing or transfer of personal information, you need to:
Notify the site visitor about the use of cookies.
Inform which cookies are used and for what purpose.
Provide the ability to select cookies that the user permits to install.

Third-party services and explicit consent

If you or third-party services that you use on the site, collect personal data of a resident of the EU (for example, third-party services that receive IP user), you must get the explicit consent of the visitor that he is not against these action. And also give opportunity for a site visitor to prohibit the collection of such information. To be considered as explicit consent, the visitor must make a clear positive choice.


You must inform people about where, why and how their data processed / saved. Any visitor has a right to upload his / her data as well as a right to ask to remove this data.
What does TheGem offer?

GDPR Ready

As a WordPress theme TheGem does not store or process any personal data of website visitor. Also there is no transmission of any personal data to a third party server.As a WordPress theme TheGem does not store or process any personal data of website visitor. Also there is no transmission of any personal data to a third party server.

Consent Management & External Services

As the owner of the website, you can use various third-party services that may collect personal information (such as IP addresses). For example, various contact forms, web analytics, online stores, video services (youtube, vimeo). Thanks to TheGem, you are able to notify your website visitors about such services and provide them an option to give explicit consent to their use (enable or disable their use on the site). In particular:
If you use Google Analytics, you can collect or track personal data such as IP addresses, user IDs, cookies, and other data for profiling behavior. To comply with the requirements of the GDPR, you must notify your site visitors about using Google Analytics and provide an option to switch off this service.
Google Fonts is a third-party service that is accessed while loading and displaying google fonts on the webpages. In case you wish to use Google Fonts service on your website and meet the requirements of the GDPR, you need to provide an option to switch off this service by website visitors. For this cases TheGem provides you a unique ability to select fallback fonts located on your own server. Or, you can avoid using Google Fonts service from the very beginning by downloading this fonts to your server and use it locally with the help of „Self-Hosted Fonts“ feature of TheGem.
Google maps
You can now set up your google maps in a way that they do not send data unless the user interacts with them. Here you can also set up a placeholder image that is displayed until the user requests the actual map.
Youtube & Vimeo
If you use some YouTube or Vimeo video on your page (as an active content element or as a background element) and if this video is watched, some personal data about the viewer is sent to service provider (YouTube or Vimeo). The GDPR stipulates that users will first have to provide approval through consent before any data is processed. In TheGem you can setup a youtube and vimeo consents for your website visitors. If this consent is denied, TheGem will use a fallback image. No personal data will be sent until YouTube consent is given by the user.

Privacy Preferences

In TheGem you can add a stylish „Privacy Preferences“ overlay to your website with only two clicks. This overlay notifies users about cookies and third-party services used and provides the settings to switch on / switch off its usage. In this way your website visitors can state an explicit consent in a very convenient way.

Contact Forms

The good news is that TheGem does NOT store any form entries on its website. Simply adding a checkbox with the required consent with a clear explanation should be enough for your website forms to meet the requirements of a GDPR. All this is implemented in TheGem for all forms generated by the theme and is also very easy to configure with a few clicks.

Cookie consent bar

If you decide to use third-party services on the site that may be associated with processing and sending personal data and setting cookies for the user, according to the GDPR you need to notify the site visitors about this. To do this, you can easily and conveniently define the text of the notification in TheGem, design the appearance of such a cookie bar and select its position on the site.

Fallback settings

For all third-party services you wish to use on your website, TheGem implements the ability to set fallbacks for cases when a site visitor does not allow the use of these services on the site. For example, for google fonts, you can upload fonts to your own server and use them in case some users switch off the usage of Google Fonts services. For google maps, videos, instagram, respectively, you can upload a placeholder image, which will be displayed until the user actively requests the corresponding content.

We are not lawyers, so don’t take any of this as legal advice! We wrote down what we have been told by people who are well versed in legal matters but a lot of this is subject to interpretation so make sure to consult with your lawyer if you want to be sure what to do.

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Privacy Preferences
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